So! What's Your Favorite Things To Do in Palawan Philippines?

Hi! This is Jeff and Grace, your online hosts to this beautiful Palawan Philippines island paradise we call home!

Jeff enjoys showing off a bit with headstands, mountain bike tricks, coconut shakes, exotic fruit discoveries, kite flying, windsurfing and a bunch of other cool things for you to enjoy watching and doing!

Grace enjoys discussing her many years living here in Palawan and the Philippines!  She likes to show off her garden, community organizing, kite flying and mountain biking to name just a few!

Ecotourism and vacation are some of the key things to do here! Being the country's last Ecological Frontier, eco-consciousness is strong here. That is why most beach areas are preserved as is.

We also share people's unique experiences around the island. You'll be amazed at how friendly and innovative our local people are.

Now back to you! What do you enjoy or would like to do in one of the world's most incredibly, awesome paradise?

Not sure?

Read on for many ideas to choose from! The possibilities seem endless!

Sunset at Quezon Palawan Philippines

Palawan Philippines Back in the 1980's

Palawan wasn't that popular in the eighties, and mostly the times before that, as it is now. When you talk about palawan in those days (when you're not in the province) it was either about the Lepper Colony in Culion, the Iwahig Penal Colony, and Malaria. It was either lose your body parts slowly, go to prison or get chilled up with Malaria. Sounds like eew!

Well, my decision to come to Palawan in 1988 was mostly about work and of curiosity about the province. It did not occur to me that I was in for a very long island vacation. Here's why.

A relaxing day at the Microtel Palawan Beach Front
Mangrove Cruise at Port Barton Palawan

Palawan Philippines Cultural and Bio Diversity

Talk about long hikes through forested mountains and saying Hi! to Mr. Armadillo and Mrs. Porcupine along the way, listen to the true and real twitters - the birds, watch wild orchids up in the trees and finally meeting the people in the rural, coastal and Tribal Communities. It is a wonder to witness the cultural and bio diversity that defines Palawan Philippines ecotourism activities today.

Kite Surifng or Kite Boarding at Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa City
Palawan Products

While living with the people, join them with their daily chores. Farming, hook and line fishing, sometimes hunting wild chicken for food, shell gathering also for food, and a swimming break in undeveloped sunny white sandy beaches. We already know by then that such are worthy for palawan ecotourism sites.

One of El Nido' Stunning Island Beaches

As we get to know the local folks, we have discussions about implementing appropriate community-based development projects.

And then we take an R and R (Rest and Recreation) in the resorts, snorkeling, beach walks, falling in love, and all sorts of things that I enjoyed so much. Aah, sounds like life!

Dumaran Island Beach

Palawan Philippines Community Organizing

The job that made me do all those? Community Organizing. So I was, and still is by heart. I was single then, working with a Non-Government Organization facilitating community-based development.

Let me share with you a little bit about my Palawan ecotourism work and vacation.

The community project that I really like, which I believed really made an impact, was the provision of Carabao, Plow, and Seeds through a Soft Loan Program, along with introduction of production technologies. The main purpose of the project was to minimize pressure in the uplands, specially the slash and burn method of farming. The same concept was done to coastal communities, develop the flat lands to lessen the pressure in the seas - blast, cyanide, trawl fishing and other destructive methods. As the people in the communities gained stability with their income from their farms in the lowlands, they started to engage in resource conservation activities. Like establishing marine sanctuaries, which today became community managed ecotourism spots in palawan.

Cottage View of the Sea in Talaudyong, West Coast of Puerto Princesa City

Not only that people are preserving their immediate environment they also gained economic benefits from their efforts and have strengthened their political stance and management capabilities over the resources that affect them.

When I was first deployed for work in the rural areas of the municipality of Roxas and Dumaran, Palawan, rattan gathering and slash and burn farming were rampant. But man, the upland rice variety is so delicious! But we have to say goodbye to it as we implemented the Soft Loan Program. Or at least minimize such destructive farming method or make the production of upland rice variety sustainable.  

The people that financed the rattan buying did not stop till the province was almost stripped off of the resource. Community folks considered rattan gathering as their main income at that time.  It was a struggle to make them settle down in the lowlands to establish their agriculture. Just like any vacation, there are challenges. Like looking for a nice hotel, or the right tour packages? I know.

Well, ecotourism in palawan Philippines is an on-going process. It is an invitation to everybody to come over, enjoy the process while you're on your vacation. Your preferred accommodations and tour packages are here.

Palawan Philippines Vacation!

Charting Your Own Vacation Experiences.

Try this. In the stunning Underground River (Subterranean River National Park - the new 7 Wonders of Nature) while a kilometer deep inside the cave ask your tour guide who's explaining every rock formation imaginable, and everybody around, to turn the lights off and stay silent for a moment. There you will experienced what a cave should be, peach black and absolute eerie silence.

Be with nature the way one should be with nature and find your own invisible yet enduring connection with Palawan Philippines. You can make it happen!

As a travel site, Palawan-Philippines can serve you in two different ways. One of which is mainstream travel and tourism, where you can go site seeing, swimming, kite boarding, snorkeling, diving, or experience a peaceful and quiet retreat from the hassles and buzzles of the city and enjoy the tranquility of the white sandy beaches, bask in the warmth of the sun, take pleasure in pampering the physical body, be in awe with the wonders of nature, or go an unplanned type of vacation, and many more.

Flying a 1.8m Training Kite at Microtel Beach

Palawan Philippines Ecotourism

The other way is ecotourism and/or eco-travel wherein you’ll get to experience heart-warming meaningful moments that will make you swell with pride. Or just enjoy reading our pages as we tag you along and discover…

  • Funny and Intense Stories About Palawan Philippines
  • The Best Palawan Beaches and its Features
  • How to go about the desired amenities (dining, shopping, hotels and accommodations
  • Ours, and soon about your contribution to Ecotourism or Sustainable Tourism in the Province
  • Ecotourism Routes
  • Ecotourism and Vacation Packages
  • Lives of Expats and other Nature Lovers Living in Palawan (interviews)
  • Palawan Island Vacations
  • Businesses (to your interests)
  • The Interesting Tribal Communities, their Products and the Stories attached to each one of it
  • Flora and Fauna or the Natural Resources
  • Palawan Products
  • Palawan Philippines Government and Laws (hate it or love it)

We will also feature some, if not all, of the municipalities

By the way, Palawan Philippines was voted as one of the top vacation destinations this year, 2013, featured in a Yahoo News Article.

Beware of the kambak-kambak syndrome. (That means come back! come back! for more GREAT and FUN times!)

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