Microtel Palawan

The Other Side of Microtel Palawan

I am writing about Microtel Palawan Hotel not because I, or we, have stayed there, which I really would love to, but because of the other fun side of it. We live here in Puerto Princesa City.

Microtel beachfront is one of our bike ride destinations. It sets beside Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park who also happens to host a local kitesurfing club of Palawan.

It’s like, Microtel offers the accommodations, and Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park extends the beach resort activities. Like beachside weddings, birthdays, and other party occasions to everyday beach picnic activities.

Microtel Palawan Accommodation

Microtel, 7 kilometers from Puerto Princesa City Airport, is the only beachfront hotel in Puerto Princesa Honda Bay area, with dazzling waterfront views at any time of the day.

The hotel offers 50 air-conditioned rooms and suites featuring cool color combinations, a relaxing effect in a tropical setting.  They also have a swimming pool, restaurant and some water sports facilities and activities.

Beachfront Activities

Here are the many ways to enjoy Microtel Beachfront. Like sneaking on a side entrance to avoid paying Emerald Playa’s entrance fee. Not a nice example, huh? We were doing that for 2 years till the last time, the guard told us to go through Emerald’s proper entryway. After we explained to them that we’re just going in for sightseeing, and we’re not going to use any facilities and that we have this website. They allowed us in. Fun, fun fun!! So here they are…

Kitesurfing or KiteBoarding

This activity is being hosted by Emerald Playa with Kite Club Palawan. Last Amihan, North Wind, Season, in March 2014, the Kite Club hosted an international kitesurfing competition.


Swimming for us at the Microtel beachfront is to look for spots without seagrasses and just stay on the sides of it with our goggles to watch some colorful and weird marine life.¬† It’s much enjoyable to really swim when its high tide.


If you’re curious enough to see more of the wide-open Honda bay area enjoy kayaking. Get your muscles tuned up from rowing, bask in sun, and discover more reefs to snorkel on.

And Others

Like some guys we saw enjoying the heat of the sun hanging loose and fancy-free. Only during weekdays, please, when there are not many people around. Sorry got no pictures!

Or, if in love, You can have the hotel management or Emerald Playa plan your beachfront wedding.

Or, meeting interesting people doing some digging at the beach looking for bait.

Wakwak at Microtel Palawan is a kind of sand worm that's edible.
Man digging Wakwak, some kind of Sand Worm, for bait.
Or, just like what we do, riding our bikes on ordinary days and just be there to watch the scenery. The hotel’s beachfront area is facing east so we figure there is a nice sunrise to enjoy in that other fun side of Microtel Palawan.