Palawan Fruits

What are YOUR Favorite Palawan Fruits?

Discover exotic Palawan fruits that YOU didn’t even know existed! When you visit Palawan, you can also enjoy fruits that you probably have not ever tasted! Even if you never make it here to Palawan, share in our exotic fruit experiences that will ROCK your world!

Palawan Fruits called Champada!

Have you ever heard of a fruit called Champada? It’s also called Cempedak. Scientific name: Artocarpus integer

Well, anyway, the other day about 2 weeks ago around August 2nd, 2014, Jeff discovered a weird but yet incredible tasting fruit at the San Jose New Market here in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Visit Palawan Philippines Market for the weirdest tasting encountered but yummy Champada Fruit!

Champada Fruit from Quezon Palawan Philippines

If you would like to know a more in-depth description about this really cool tasting fruit, visit here.

Marang or Madang Fruit

Every time I open and eat this incredible Palawan fruit called Marang, the texture and taste seems to be different. It’s my top 10 favorite tropical fruit! Just last week, the first part of August, 2014, my girlfriend and I enjoyed a Palawan Marang Fruit that tasted, looked and felt like Marshmallows in our mouths!

Simply Amazing! You MUST try this fruit, or you ain’t living!

Dragon Fruit! You’ll LOVE the look of this!

One of our favorite looking and tasting Palawan fruits is called the Dragon Fruit! We bought this in June 2013 from Aloha Farms up on Baker’s Hill in Santa Monica, Palawan Philippines.

If you can find these in your market be prepared to pay a pretty penny! But they are SO worth it even if one time only! You absolutely MUST try this fruit!

It’s very juicy.  For Jeff, it felt like while I was eating it, my mouth and taste buds were being rejuvenated by it’s juiciness!

So far we’ve seen this deep purple along with white color Dragon Fruits over here.

An Organic Dragon Fruit we Bought from Aloha Farms here in Palawan!

A Organic Dragon Fruit we bought from Aloha Farms almost ready to eat!

Dragon Fruit sliced in quarters!

Dragon Fruit beautifully sliced here in Palawan, Philippines! Taste it, share it, grow it!

Coconut is not a nut, it’s from the coco palm family!

The coco palm family makes the coconut fruit! If you eat so much you’ll get very fat! Haha, well probably not so true.  Jeff eats like 1-4 coconuts a day sometimes, and doesn’t seem to be getting fat.  hmmm…

It’s different from all the other fruits of the world because it contains the most water! And lots of water at that! Check out our blender below! It’s almost overflowing from 1 coconut!

Check out Jeff making a Coconut Shake!

Young coconut for a shake

A Young Coconut Being Prepared for a Delicious Shake!

Almost ready to blend the coconut shake!

The awesomeness of a young coconut smoothie!