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What makes the difference?

 It’s About Budget and Preferences

The difference between Palawan hotels, pension houses, inns, resort hotels, apartment/house rental, and bed and breakfast depends upon your budget and preferences.   Like how long you want to stay here in paradise, the desired facilities, views, and location.

Microtel Palawan Hotel Beach Front

We love to ride our mountain bikes a couple of times a week from where we live over to Microtel Palawan beachfront.    It’s a beautiful place to stay from what we’ve seen on the visitor’s faces!  Emerald Beach Resort is right next door for another nice place for functions like weddings, birthday celebrations with gorgeous views of the waving palms, beach, and ocean.

When You’re Left with No Choice

And there are also tons more places to stay around Puerto Princesa! New ones, old ones, high end, cheap or affordable ones, with beach resorts, mountain views, island hotels. They all get filled up during tourist peak season. That’s usually from November to May. And most especially when country-wide conferences are held here. There was a time that even school dormitories were utilized.

I am mostly talking about accommodations in Puerto Princesa City  where most tourists go through for a Palawan tour and vacation. Going through the capital city to El Nido brings you about 238 kilometers (148 mi) of awesome land trip view to reaching Jeremy Renner filming Bourne Legacy. Or, approximately 225 kilometers (140 mi) road trip to the southernmost of Palawan and go out the back door to Malaysia. Just kidding. It’s not so bad if you skip Puerto Princesa and go directly to where you wanna go.

Sometimes It’s Confusing

Those mentioned accommodations really confuse me a lot. You cannot generally say Palawan hotels are much more expensive than a pension house. Although that’s how it generally runs, an old hotel may not be expensive because you would be using a dipper and a pail because their shower isn’t working. Then they provide you a kettle of hot water for your shower. So it’s not the price. Especially if they extend such services with a smile, efficiency, and right timing, it will not be so bad after all. Right?

So then you go to a pension house, charges the same as that old hotel, nice cozy and comfortable rooms, nice views, and they got the most smiling and accommodating attendants ever, and offers to cook your vegetarian food to compensate your using a pail and a dipper in the bathroom because the city water services suck in that area. Thus, therefore and in conclusion, it’s the timing and efficiency of the services that matter.

What They Really Are

Pension houses are essentially boarding houses that supposedly offer lodging and food for the time of stay. The ones that end up offering just breakfast for a stay they call themselves Bed and Breakfast. There are a lot of them here because if the location of the accommodation is not strategic for tourists, like, no views, far from the city, no beach, and overall just no choice because all’s booked, so tourists get it and head on out for the tour with meal packages.

In the context of Palawan Pension houses, inns, apartment/house rental, Bed, and Breakfast are actually small scale hotel services. It is mostly owned and run by the locals or some Expats and their wives. If you want no hassles and you have the money to spend on the services and amenities then go check in to the hotels in Palawan. If you’re in a budget then go to a pension house or an inn. After all, we are mostly looking for a place to stay, with the necessary facilities to get through the evenings. Because day time is mostly spent touring around.

If you’re looking for a villa vacation in Palawan, it means renting an apartment/house. A villa vacation concept is a fully furnished house.  It is usually bigger than the common houses here, where a vacationer rents it for weeks or months. A Villa vacation house has hotel services attached to the accommodation.

A villa connotes almost a castle in size here. So obviously we can’t call the short-term apartment/house rental as villa vacation houses.

Resort are services, like water sports, spas, beaches, and the likes, attached to your hotel or pension house services.

So what’s really the better choice of all Palawan hotels, resort hotels, pension houses, inns, bed and breakfast, or rent a furnished apartment/house?

It all depends on where they are and what’s in their services so you can weigh the budget and decide which one suits your delicate preferences.