Palawan Videos

Watch Palawan Videos

 Take a short or long break to watch some Palawan videos. Some are even entertaining! Overall, these videos will give you an idea and feel for what it’s like to visit and live on the island of Palawan, Philippines from our perspective.  Check out the Sports Videos below. You’ll see we love participating and watching a variety of sports and activities!

On a budget?? Money tight?  No problem! Visit Palawan through our videos, pictures and words!

As we come across something or someone “interesting”, “out of the ordinary” or “flat out extreme” like Windsurfing or Kitesurfing or some Exotic Fruit you never knew existed, we gotta share that with you!

We’ll make a video of it. Also How To Videos will go here too even if not super interesting!

Really hope you guys can feel the vibrancy of this awesome paradise!

 A lot of times, we take pictures of cool stuff over here.  Actually almost everything and people is pretty cool to us! Okay, okay you got us! A picture is obviously NOT a video! Hang with us, okay?? Our Palawan videos are below as you were expecting.  Hope you enjoy!

Honda Bay Palawan Windy Day!

Beautiful Sunny Windy Day at Honda Bay Palawan

If you enjoy year round summer, have a visit sometime even if only to watch some of these Palawan videos that we’ve prepared for you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And videos are worth like what? A thousand pictures!

Something kind of funny the other day. We made some screen doors to keep the mosquitos (Lamok) out of our house.  The Tagalog word for mosquitos is Lamok. Well, my girlfriend did most of the work! She likes that stuff I guess.  I told her someday I’ll show her how to rebuild the engine of a truck or motorcycle.  She seemed to like that idea! Pretty cool girlfriend, huh?

Anyway, back to the story. The other day this weird, flying, noisy bug and this moth kept wanting to get in through these screens we made. They got in alright. Next day, guess where they wanted to go? Yep! Back outside! Those little things were waiting at the screen door later in the morning wanting to go out like they were our pets or something. I kid you not!

So, we opened the screen door and they went outside to enjoy the sunshine! Guess what happened later that evening? Those critters wanted back in again! We think we’ll put a leash on those little guys, because they seem to be our new pets! Perhaps you are thinking, “hey where are the videos of those pets of yours?” Well, you know those pets of ours wanted out now! Sorry to disappoint, but no videos yet of them. We’ll try next time! Promise, okay?

Want to see some year round gardening over here in Palawan?

Tired of Mosquitos (Lamok) coming into your open house and biting the hell out of you?  Build some basic protection to keep them out (mostly!) We’ll show you some videos of what we built on the kinda cheap. And we’ll also show you our “secret weapon” to knock-em dead! Fairs fair Lamok!

Want to just get out and enjoy the sunshine? How about some easy walks out in nature and the city? Of course you do! Watch our Palawan videos now below! You are gonna love it!

Wonder how we handle our laundry? Okay, okay we get it, you probably don’t care about that so much. Laundry isn’t our most enjoyable thing either! But for the fun of it, we’ll show you some videos of how we get our laundry done.

Palawan Videos of Coconuts

Do you like Coconuts? We’ll show you how to make a healthy coconut drink to make in your blender.  Along with that, we’ll explore the various coconut farms around the island. We love coconuts!

Check out our Coconut page!

Palawan Videos of Sports

We gotta say that we really LOVE all kinds of Sports!

For example, I like football where I throw or kick the ball in a spiral! One time, I did a perfect kick spiral when I was in elementary school! Do I watch football? No offense, but I don’t.  However, I do like to play just for fun minus any hard core tackling.  Take it easy on me, I’m not that big, you know.

Watch our Palawan videos below of the variety of sports we enjoy doing. Hope you enjoy too, even if you don’t like or play sports!


I absolutely love 3 on 3 Basketball,  1/2 court!!

Why do I like it so much?

For starters it’s so much easier to keep track of my team members and track of the opposing team.  Other thing I really enjoy is 1/2 court is much more enjoyable for me than full court.  Actually, truth be known I totally despise playing full court basketball! I realized this completely while living in Mindanao, Philippines for 1.5 years.  We frequently played basketball there.  The young and older guys there kicked my butt on full court! But give me 1/2 court and even though I can’t shoot so well, my team of 3 can give them a heck of a good game with points about even throughout the game!

I make up for my lack of shooting skills, by frequently looking for open “holes” in the opposing team’s defence and offense skill levels.  Then the passing and receiving of the ball is no problem. Gotta work on my layups and shots though! To my future teams, I promise to to that. Scout’s honor!

I’ll look around and see if I have any Palawan videos for basketball. I might have to show what we have from Mindanao to get this going.


Playing Chess by the Airport during break

Taking a break to play some Chess by the Airport

Do you enjoy playing Chess and/or watching people play Chess? Lots of people over here play Chess! I’ve seen them around barber shops, near the airport, under shade areas, along the sidewalks playing.

Back in 1983, I was Chess Champion of our Roy Junior High School! Now days? Well, just about anybody could beat me now.  Or can they? We’ll see!  I played on back in January 2012 and kinda sucked now days. Oh boy, sad, huh?

Anyway, next time we are in town and see a Chess game, we’ll get those movies we create onto our Palawan videos page for you to see.


You like to visit the Gym? Don’t like the Gym? How about a home Gym? We visit the Capitol Gym about 3 times a week. Think the Gym not important?  Think again! This is what helps big time in my sports!

We’ll see if we can talk our Gym friends in allowing us to film us working out at the Gym.  Then we’ll post some of our workouts here on our Palawan videos pages.

Kitesurfing (Kiteboarding)

Would you like to see some Kitesurfing (Kiteboarding) with the beautiful colors of the kites flowing in the sky?  Maybe you want to try? Well, if you are just checking it out, you can see us in our Palawan videos of us “playing” around with training kites in the kitesurf scene.

Hint: I chickened out and didn’t do the kiteboarding.  But we flew the training kites a lot starting in November 2012 until now.  The kiteboarders tease Jeff a bit saying he ought to get going on kiteboarding.  He says, “maybe someday guys!” It just feels different to me than Windsurfing and kinda freaks me out. I would like to give it a try in the future, however.

Oh yeah, we did buy us a 4 Meter power kite out back in January 2013. That was a blast! I even did body drags on our boogie board.  But that kite got trashed on a super windy day by one of the over-confident kiteboarders! Hey guys, you got our kite fixed yet? You know who you are, haha text me? lol

Being outside Windsurfing and flying the Kitesurfing Training Kites causes an indescribable euphoria in me! I feel more alive with vibrating energy more than ever before, during and after those sessions!

Martial Arts

Do you like the Martial Arts? How about Kung Fu? Thinking about what it might be like to simply try? Back in 1985-1987 I was die-hard into Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu! I was 17 years old at that time in 1985 when I began. Anyway, I’ll show you some of what I remember including Mui Fa Kuen (form)

What does this have to do with our Palawan videos page? Good question. Not much really, except it’s another way I like to keep fit during my breaks, while working at the computer.

Mountain Biking

Do you like to mountain bike? Or would you like to try mountain biking? Would you like to ride wheelies? Or how about “pop” your bike up? I’ll show you all this and more!


Maybe you simply like to swim in a nice, warm tropical ocean? Dreamed about that? Already done that? Watch some vids on that including a bit of underwater, very rudimentary video. lol


Have you ever wanted to try Windsurfing, but wondering if you can do that? Jeff, that is me, began Windsurfing in Utah way back in 1997 with a new BIC board with used sails, mast and boom. I remember the very first time I got up on a “plane” skimming across the water. What a thrill that was! It was almost as good as…well…you know.